Sequoyah Book Award Student Voting has Opened

Sequoyah Book Award voting now openVoting has opened for the 2017 Sequoyah Book Award, from now until March 15th, children and teens can vote for the book they liked the best.

To vote each participant must read three books from the list and then vote using the online link below. We ask that those eligible to vote, follow the honor system and only vote once.



Click here to vote –

“I voted” stickers are available at the front desk after you vote, ask a staff member.

How did these books become finalists? Each year a committee of academic, school, and public librarians read a list of books that can reach up to two hundred books. The librarians narrow that list down to fifteen books that they believe are the best. Three committees develop the master lists for the children, intermediate, and high school categories.  The Chickasha Public Library’s Director Lillie Huckaby has served on a Sequoyah Masterlist committee in the past. She commented that the lists consisted of so many good books and arguments ensued amongst the librarians on which books should make it onto the final list.

The following are the books on each of the 2017 Sequoyah Masterlists:

Click for more information on each of the 2017  Sequoyah Masterlist



High School

For more information, please call the Library at 405-222-6075.