The Library Looks Great What’s Next?

Letter From the DirectorDirector Lillie Huckaby in the children's area

The Library Looks Great What’s Next?

Have you been to the Library recently?  The reason I ask that is because I know we have many e-customers that don’t come in very often.  We’ve done some renovating, redecorating, and rearranging.  In 2016 we renovated the children’s area, we replaced the flooring and the shelving with wood look items and Carrie Chavers, a local artist, painted a mural on a couple of walls. It looks fantastic. We just finished our latest project which was rearranging and adding additional furniture for our mobile wi-fi customers and teens. The areas redesign has created a spacious atmosphere that compliments the already existing adult seating area.

Images of the Chickasha Public Library new teen area and mobile patrons spacesThese are the changes happing at your library, and if you have not seen them yet, I encourage you to visit and let us know what you think.  There are more than just physical changes happening in libraries. Perhaps you’ve been in other libraries recently and have noticed that there’s a change going on in libraries across the nation.  As library users requirements change, it is important for libraries to change to meet those needs.  Not only are the interior of physical libraries transforming there is also a reconstruction of library services occurring. Additional electronic resources are being added to allow patrons to access library resources remotely this allow libraries to meet the demand of immediate service and up to date information.  I encourage you to give some thought to your library.  You might want to take a look at the website and see all of the services we currently provide and what electronic resources are available.  Your library is adapting to meet the needs of its patrons, by providing additional databases. This summer the library will add resources such a language learning program and possibly Consumer Reports online.

As Chickasha Public Library strives to meet the needs of this community both physically and electronically, we would like to hear your viewpoints and opinions. What do you think about the physical library and the services provided here and what do you think about the electronic resources available? My email is; you are also welcome to visit with me in person, or give me a call at 405-222-6075, or write me a letter.

In the next few newsletters, I will be sharing with you some of the changes that libraries across the nation and especially in Oklahoma are making.


Lillie Huckaby