Volunteering at Chickasha Public Library

Volunteers lend helping hands.

You may ask ‘What is there to do as a volunteer at Chickasha Public Library?’  We appreciate volunteers and realize that you are giving your personal time and energy. Therefore, we want your experience here to be a positive one.  In order to match the volunteer with a task that is right, both achievable and enjoyable for that individual or group we ask questions and offers a variety of choices.



Questions we’ll ask a volunteer.

  •         What do you think you want to do here?
  •         Are you interested in an ongoing opportunity or a one time option?
  •         What skills or limitations do you have that we should keep in mind?
  •         Are you interested in a physical job like shelving, shifting, or boxing books?

You might ask what is:

-Shelving is returning books to their rightful place on shelves.  It includes reaching above your head to maybe 6ft with a book in hand or bending to shin level to put books on a shelf.  It is also a thinking task to get books exactly where they belong.  Being able to thoroughly alphabetize and put numbers in correct order is essential to this task.

-Shifting is moving a group of books to a new location sometimes a short distance sometimes far.  Keeping them in order is very important to understanding a library’s order is important.

-Boxing books would be putting books in a box, labeling it, and putting it on a shelf.  It may consist of pushing a cart of books around.  There may be several boxes filled during a work period.

  •         Are you interested in a computer-based task?  We work with Google and Microsoft products.
  •         Are you interested in a people related task like helping with programs?
  •         What time frame are you interested in?  i.e., How long at a time do you want to work?  Which day(s) do you want to work?  What time of day would be your preference?
  •         If a group is volunteering how many are in the group?  How many would be working together at one time?

Here are some of the projects that volunteers do and have done:

  •         Sort and box donated books for the used book saleA box of donated books.
  •         Process withdrawn books
  •         Shift books
  •         Clean books
  •         Clean shelves
  •         Make lists

Help with Summer Reading Programs for the children is a possibility.  Dependability is important in this case.  Helping to prepare crafts, helping the kids with the crafts, putting things away, and other tasks.  Help with Storytime is much the same only the children are younger.

Perhaps you would like to lead an adult book discussion group or some other adult program.

Perhaps you have another idea of something you would like to do at the Library.  We’re open to suggestions.

If you are interested in volunteering, you may call the Library at 222-6075 and ask for me, Lillie, or email me at lillie.huckaby@chickasha.org.


Lillie Huckaby

Director of Chickasha Public Library

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