Staff Pick

The current Chickasha Public Library Staff Pick is “City of Light” by Lauren Belfer.

The book “City of Light” is a historical fiction set in 1901.

Staff pick "City of Light" by Lauren Belfer

This historical fiction book seemed to be well researched and historically accurate.  It was about the efforts to make electricity widely available to everyone at a reasonable cost. Of course, there were many issues to be dealt with, safety and profit being the foremost and then there were all the difficulties of actually making it happen.  The setting was Buffalo, NY and the descriptions of the city were beautiful.  The time was the early 1900’s.  Society at that time did things differently than we do now of course, so that was interesting to read about.  It was enjoyable to read and worth a try.


The Library’s book club Chapter Chat has read this book and others by Lauren Belfer, and they enjoy her work.


The Library and the Oklahoma Virtual Library have copies of this book if you would like to give it a try.

If you read “City of Light,” we would love to hear your thoughts; please comment below.