February 2021 Newsletter

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Hello wonderful library patrons,

Ah, 2021 is here at last. We thought 2020 would never be over but finally it is. So what will 2021 bring us? I'm almost afraid to ask but no we will press on and look for the good.

One good thing is that the library management system has changed. Yes, that's a good thing. This one is better. For one thing the e-books are viewable in the library catalog, not integrated but there's a tab for Overdrive. Take a look maybe you'll like it. Another thing is that the library now has a self-check option, you can check out your own books if you want, but you don't have to, staff is always ready. There may a kink or two to work out nothing is perfect after all. If you have any difficulty using the system especially if some feature doesn't work call the library, we can't fix it if we don't know it's broken. A lot of the improvement will be for staff with more accuracy and more options.

I know the pandemic has thrown a lot of challenges at everyone. We're doing our best to provide services safely. We're trying to make the library a safe place for you and for staff. Although the library isn't open to in person walk ins at this time appointments are available and we can provide a lot of services via curbside. Call us and we'll figure out a way to take care of whatever you need.  A self-check option means less contact. Fewer people in the building at a time allows us to disinfect more frequently and allows for better social distancing.  We are currently quarantining books for 7 days. When you return books it is 7 days before we check them in. Fines have been turned off for quite a while due to the pandemic and the inaccuracy of the previous system but we are now resuming fines for overdue material. Fines are policy and considered in the revenue. We have programed in a 7 day grace period to take into account the quarantine period. We watch very carefully when we check items in to make certain that if there are fines they are accurate.

2020 did bring us the beautiful exterior painting of the library.​ Thank you Adam and Amber Heilman. There is one more $300 panel on the southside available and four more $500 panels on the northside. If you would like to sponsor one let me know.

My programs via Zoom are going well, Tai Chi and Chapter Chat. I am going to do a crash coarse in Tai Chi in February via Zoom at 2pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting this week. If you want to join call the library or email me, lillie.huckaby@chickasha.org. I will start another Tai Chi in April. Chapter Chat, a book discussion time, is ongoing, we meet the last Monday of each month at 6:30 via Zoom for now. For more information or to join us email me.

Well that's enough for now. I'm looking forward to seeing what Courtney comes up with for kids programs virtually and maybe in person.

Remember that the library staff is here to help.
Take care and read a good book.

The library's phone number is 405-222-6075 and my email is lillie.huckaby@chickasha.org.​

Lillie Huckaby
Library Director

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We have a big goal this month, currently we are in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea the goal is to get to Japan by the end of May. That's over 5,000 miles! Checkout our virtual map and join the Walking Challenge today by visiting https://chickashapl.okpls.org/library-programs-events/.
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