Volunteering at Chickasha Public Library

Volunteers lend helping hands.

You may ask ‘What is there to do as a volunteer at Chickasha Public Library?’  We appreciate volunteers and realize that you are giving your personal time and energy. Therefore, we want your experience here to be a positive one.  In order to match the volunteer with a task that is right, both achievable and enjoyable for that individual or group we ask questions and offers a variety of choices.



Questions we’ll ask a volunteer.

  •         What do you think you want to do here?
  •         Are you interested in an ongoing opportunity or a one time option?
  •         What skills or limitations do you have that we should keep in mind?
  •         Are you interested in a physical job like shelving, shifting, or boxing books?

You might ask what is:

-Shelving is returning books to their rightful place on shelves.  It includes reaching above your head to maybe 6ft with a book in hand or bending to shin level to put books on a shelf.  It is also a thinking task to get books exactly where they belong.  Being able to thoroughly alphabetize and put numbers in correct order is essential to this task.

-Shifting is moving a group of books to a new location sometimes a short distance sometimes far.  Keeping them in order is very important to understanding a library’s order is important.

-Boxing books would be putting books in a box, labeling it, and putting it on a shelf.  It may consist of pushing a cart of books around.  There may be several boxes filled during a work period.

  •         Are you interested in a computer-based task?  We work with Google and Microsoft products.
  •         Are you interested in a people related task like helping with programs?
  •         What time frame are you interested in?  i.e., How long at a time do you want to work?  Which day(s) do you want to work?  What time of day would be your preference?
  •         If a group is volunteering how many are in the group?  How many would be working together at one time?

Here are some of the projects that volunteers do and have done:

  •         Sort and box donated books for the used book saleA box of donated books.
  •         Process withdrawn books
  •         Shift books
  •         Clean books
  •         Clean shelves
  •         Make lists

Help with Summer Reading Programs for the children is a possibility.  Dependability is important in this case.  Helping to prepare crafts, helping the kids with the crafts, putting things away, and other tasks.  Help with Storytime is much the same only the children are younger.

Perhaps you would like to lead an adult book discussion group or some other adult program.

Perhaps you have another idea of something you would like to do at the Library.  We’re open to suggestions.

If you are interested in volunteering, you may call the Library at 222-6075 and ask for me, Lillie, or email me at


Lillie Huckaby

Director of Chickasha Public Library

Elf on a Shelf!

The library has a special guest visiting until December 21st. Children can visit the library and find the elf on the shelf, and add their names to the drawing for a chance to take the elf home at the Elf on the Shelf party on December 21st 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

For more information, please call the library at 405-222-7075.

The weather isn’t the only thing changing!

On Wednesday, November 1st, the Chickasha Public Library will begin using a new circulation and catalog system.

The online catalog will look different, and you will notice changes to your online account.

We appreciate your patience as we work together through this change.

If you encounter any problems, please call us at 405-222-6075.

Youth Book Club

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All youth ages twelve to sixteen are welcome to join Youth Book Club! Youth Book Club is a monthly book discussion held on the last Tuesday of the month, from 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm. This program takes place in the Library meeting room at 527 W Iowa Ave.

For September, we are reading “Roller Girl” by Victoria Jamieson.

We will meet on September 26th, and this month there will be a special guest. Local illustrator Hailey Craighead is going to show the youth how to create a storyboard using watercolors.

For more information, please call the Library at 405-222-6075.

Teddy Bear Sleepover

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Teddy Bear Sleepover is a special story time for kids three to ten and their bravest stuffed friend. Teddy Bear Sleepover is at 5:00 pm on Friday, October 13th in the Library meeting room 527 W Iowa Ave. This years theme for storytime is a cowboy campout, and all the buckaroos are welcome to attend. After the story and craft, the children will say goodnight to their friend so the stuffies can have a toy-only sleepover in the library. Kids and parents can follow the fun all night long on Facebook. Parents and children can pick up their stuffed animal Saturday, October 14th during Library hours 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. For more information, please call the Library at 405-222-6075.

Vintage Book Sale

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The Chickasha Public Library and the Friends of the Chickasha Public Library are presenting a Vintage Book Sale on Friday, September 22nd from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm and Saturday, September 23rd from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

The Vintage Book Sale is a continuation of the previous Vintage Book Sale. Books unsold from the first sale will be available with a price reduction, and there will be additional vintage books added to the sale. The Vintage Book Sale will also have a silent auction for special books.

The Vintage Book Sale will contain fiction and non-fiction books printed from the late 1800s to 1950. The books are not collectibles, as most of the items are withdrawn library books. The books are readable, and many are good examples of book binding that is no longer being used.

For more information, please call the library at 405-222-6075.

Dear Patrons

Dear Patrons,
I want to introduce you to two new virtual services that we are adding.

Pronunciator a world of languages available to learn all you need is a library card.

Pronunciator is our new language learning database. It is a fun and free way to learn any of 80 languages with self-directed lessons, live teachers, movies, music, and more. You can learn a language from any language of your choice. That means that if Spanish or Japanese or whatever is your native language and that is the base that you want to learn another language from you can. So Spanish speakers can learn English for example. Children also can learn, their lessons are geared specifically for ages 3-6 or 7-12. There is an 8-week travel prep course also. All you need is your Chickasha Public Library card number and internet access. The Library provides internet access and computers if you need them. There is also a mobile app. Here is the link:
Alternatively, go the Library’s web page and click on e-resources and scroll down.


Brainfuse online live tutoringStarting on August 1st (this article is being written on July 22nd) we will have an online live tutoring service called HelpNow by Brainfuse. Students can get real-time help from live instructors via the internet. A student can ask for help with a specific problem or with a concept. Spanish speakers can get help in Spanish. Take a look at this:
In addition to HelpNow Brainfuse gives us JobNow. Live, anytime, anywhere job assistance, including up-to-date nationwide and local job search engines, professional resume critique and proven interview techniques. Experience a personalized career center seamlessly integrated with advanced virtual technology to help job seekers of diverse backgrounds and needs. Look at this:
On August 1st you will be able to go to the Library’s web page and click on e-resources and scroll down.

I hope that these online services are useful to you.

Library Director
Lillie Huckaby

Genealogy Symposium

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The Chickasha Public Library presents a Genealogy Symposium on Tuesday, September 12, from 10 am to 4 pm. The program will feature presentations by Laura Martin, Deputy Director of Research at the Oklahoma History Museum and Kathryn Ramsay the Librarian of Local History and Genealogy at the Norman Central Library.
Ms. Martin’s presentation will feature the variety of resources at the Oklahoma Museum and the Oklahoma Historical Society that are available to the genealogy researcher.
Ms. Ramsay will discuss and how best to navigate the website. is a subscription only website with a wide variety of information. The library version of Ancestry is available for free on the Chickasha Public Library’s computers.
Following lunch at 1 pm, there will be a panel discussion. Ms. Martin and Ms.
Ramsay will be joined by Dolores Smith, who is a genealogist and teacher.
The final event of the day will be a demonstration of the new microfilm reader. The reader is attached to a computer which enables the user to edit and manipulate the information before printing.
Participation in the Genealogy Symposium is limited to 20 people and pre-registration is required. There is no fee for the Symposium and lunch will be provided. Deadline for registration is September 1st. Reservations can be made by phone or online by filling out the form below. For more information call the Chickasha Public Library at 405-222-6075

By Pat



Staff Pick

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Rosemary and Rue by Seanan McGuire is the first book in the ten book October Daye series. Don’t let its label as an urban/paranormal fantasy novel discourage you; this book has appeal for all readers.

The fantasy classification comes from the supernatural nature of most of the characters. October “Toby” Daye is a Changeling- half human/ half faerie. Most of the supporting characters also have some degree of fae blood as well. Throughout the series, the author splits the action between modern-day San Francisco and the various lands of the faerie realms.

The book is written in a first-person narrative and begins with a prologue that sets the stage for October’s betrayal by two members of local faerie royalty and her transformation into a fish. The story resumes fourteen years later with Toby working as a checker in the local Safeway. Her attempt to distance herself from the faerie world fails when Countess Evening Winterose, her sometime friend, sometime enemy calls and begs her for help. October rushes to Evening’s home and finds her shot with an iron bullet. Bound by guilt and duty October decides to investigate. Unfortunately, to do this, she must step back into her role as,
“Sir October Daye of the Kingdom of the Mists, once of the Fiefdom of Home, Knight of Lost Words, sworn to Sylvester Torquill, daughter of Amandine of Faerie and Jonathan Daye of the mortal world.”
Because this is the first book in a series, the author needed to provide a significant amount of character introduction and exposition for the reader. October’s mission is the vehicle for this, although it slows down the story at times. The payoff comes as the series progresses and many of the characters she speaks to during her investigation appear in later books.
October as a narrator is sarcastic but sincere. She reminds me of Kinsey Millhone from Sue Grafton’s Alphabet series and Izzy Spellman from Lisa Lutz’s Spellman Files series. Rosemary and Rue is a fun, quick read that will be easy to finish in a few sessions.

Click for a complete list in the series

Click for other reviews 

By Brande

Family History Page

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Are you interested in genealogy? If so, the Chickasha Public Library’s Family History page has many resources for both beginning genealogists as well as more experienced researchers. The Genealogy Print Resources section at the top of the page contains information about some of the historical records that are available for use in the Library. There are lists of yearbooks and directories for various schools and communities in Grady County with the years of publication, as well as information about newspapers available on microfilm. If you are looking for specific information, you will be able to see what resources are available in the Library before your visit and then be able to research more efficiently.
There is an Obituary Request link for those who live out of town and are therefore unable to come to the Library to do research on the microfilm machine. The Grady County Cemetery section contains several links that provide information about current and historical Grady County cemeteries, including maps, locations within towns and communities, and more exact information about people buried there.
The Genealogy Databases section has several genealogy databases that are available for free through the Library. can be accessed on the Library’s computers, while Heritage Quest and Fold3 can be accessed anywhere simply by clicking on the links. These databases include many primary source documents such as census records, military records, documents, and photographs that can be copied and printed.
At the bottom of the web page is a collection of free genealogy websites where you can find information about Oklahoma’s history. You can look up vital records from all 50 states, search the Dawes Rolls, print ancestry charts, and access various files and user-submitted family trees that can help you discover new and exciting information about your ancestors.
We continuously updated the Family History page with new information and resources when the Library adds the records to the collection, or when the Library discovers new online resources.

Click here to view the Family History page.

By Michelle