Library Card

How to Get a Library Card

The Library will issue a free library card, and library borrowing privileges to any individual four years of age or older who resides, works, or attends school in Grady County or has a Grady County mailing address. Persons who reside outside of Grady County may purchase a borrower’s card for $27.50 annually. Replacement charge for lost cards will be 50¢ each.


Each person requesting a card shall show proof of his/her identity with a photo ID such as a driver’s license, school ID, military ID, and proof of his/her current mailing address. In the case of a child, a parent’s ID will be required. Each customer will be given a random number as his/her borrower’s card number. Persons must present their borrowers card or alternate ID, such as driver’s license, or school ID, to borrow materials.

Library Materials

Circulating books and books-on-CD may be checked out for two weeks. Customers may renew these items twice unless others are waiting. Renewals may be made in person or by telephone or by accessing one’s account via the Library’s webpage. E-books may be downloaded for either 7 or 14 days. DVDs may be checked out for seven days and may not be renewed. Magazines may be checked out for two weeks, except for the current issue, which must be used in the Library. Newspapers are to be used in the Library. If a customer requests a book which the Library does not have, the Library may either purchase the book if it meets the criteria of the Materials Selection Policy or borrow it from another library if it is available. The customer will be responsible for any Extended Use Fees incurred or, in the event of a lost item, the replacement cost charged by the lending library.

Reserve Book Service

Customers who request a book which is checked out may have the book put on reserve. The customer will be notified when the book is available, and it will be held at the circulation desk for three days after notification is made. Customers who cannot be notified by phone or email will be notified by mail that we were unable to contact them and the book will be held at the circulation desk for seven days from the date the notice is mailed if no one else is waiting for that book. If someone else is waiting for that book, it will be reserved for the next person, and the person who is notified by mail will be informed that they may contact us and request it again. If a book is not picked up, it is returned to the stacks or reserved for the next customer on the list.

Extended Use Fees

Extended Use Fees will be 22¢ per day excluding Sundays and holidays, and begin after a three-day grace period. No Fee is charged for a book due on a Saturday if it is deposited in the book slot before Monday morning’s opening time. Extended Use Fees accumulate on each overdue book until the book is returned, until the Library is informed that it is lost and it is paid for, or until the Fee equals one year of overdue charges.

No person may check out materials if his/her Extended Use Fee/other charges exceed $6.00. In lieu of paying an Extended Use Fee, a customer may volunteer for assigned tasks at the Library. For every one hour volunteered, the Library will reduce the Extended Use Fee balance by $7.00. Volunteer schedules must be mutually agreed upon by the staff and the customer. Children under ten years of age must be accompanied by a parent and may not volunteer for more than one hour at a time.

Lost or Mutilated Materials

If library materials are lost or damaged beyond repair, the customer is charged a standard replacement cost of $27.50 for hardbacks and $11 for paperbacks in addition to any Extended Use Fee owed. The replacement charges for books-on CD will be $82.50 for unabridged and $22 for abridged. The replacement charge for DVDs will be $22. The replacement cost for a magazine will be $2.20. See the Circulation Policy for additional material type costs. If a damaged item can be repaired, it will be done at no cost to the customer. No refunds will be given for lost material payments. If a customer willfully and intentionally destroys library materials, he will be banned from checking out materials for one year.


The Library may have amnesty periods from time to time.