Food to pay off Fines During December

For the nineteenth year, December is “Food for Fines” month at the Chickasha Public Library.  Overdue fines may be paid with a donation of non-perishable food.  According to Library Director Lillie Huckaby, “The food will be given to our local Food Pantry.  Remember and share with those in need.  I am asking everyone who comes to the Library to contribute.  Even if you do not owe a fine, please donate some food to the Food Pantry.  Together let’s bring in more food than ever before.”

The value of the food does not have to equal the amount of the fine.  Any donation will cover any fine.  However, if a book has been lost, the replacement cost of the book must be paid.  Only the fine itself will be waived.

According to Huckaby, “In addition to the much-needed food, many overdue books come home to the Library, usually about 100 of them.  Not having to repurchase popular titles means the Library can buy more new books.  This also gives patrons who have accrued fines a way to make a fresh start, so they can check out books again.”


The program will run through December 31st.  For more details, call the Chickasha Public Library at 222-6075.