Making Memories

Memory Kit items

Many older adults experience dementia, Alzheimer’s, or other forms of memory loss. It can be difficult for family members and caregivers to know how to connect with people and to find meaningful conversation topics and activities. To help address some of these issues, the Chickasha Public Library has created memory kits with books and activities for both people who are experiencing memory loss, as well as their caregivers.

There are currently two kits available at the library. Each kit contains a copy of the book A Caregiver’s Guide to Dementia: Using Activities and Other Strategies to Prevent, Reduce and Manage Behavioral Symptoms by Laura N. Gitlin and Catherine Verrier Piersol, which contains information for caregivers about different activities and strategies to navigate daily challenges, effective communication, safety, and more. There is a set of conversation cards with photos to help facilitate memories and recollections, provide social interaction, and enhance cognitive functioning. Each kit also contains an activity pillow, which is brightly colored and full of various textures that can provide a relaxing and soothing activity.

In addition to the items mentioned above, Kit #1 contains a fidget board with various metal locks, chains, clasps, and zippers, which is ideal for people who enjoy tools and mechanical projects. There is also a jigsaw puzzle with a picture of an antique car, and a Greatest Hits of the 50s CD.

Kit #2 contains a color sorting board, a jigsaw puzzle with a picture of a cat drinking some milk, and a CD with relaxing music. CD players are also available upon request. Let library staff know if you would like a CD player at the time of checkout.

Each kit can be checked out for two weeks. These items are intended to help people connect with their loved one while providing a variety of activities for daily life. Caregivers and family members can also take a kit with them while visiting family members at their house or in a nursing home.

Memory kits are a great way to help people to remember important people and events in their lives, while also creating new memories with caregivers and loved ones. The library’s memory kits are currently on display on the table near the front desk, along with books about Alzheimer’s, dementia, and maintaining brain health. If you or someone you know has been affected by memory loss, this is a great resource to check out!