New Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance beginning session begins January 9th.

Have you fallen? Are you worried about falling? Try Tai Chi.

“With regular practice, tai chi improves balance by strengthening muscles and co-ordination; at the same time, it strengthens the mind, thereby improving calmness and confidence in not falling. Thus, both physically and mentally, tai chi is an extremely effective exercise for fall prevention.” (

“Slow, deliberate movements improve your stability and protect against falls. The slow, flowing motions of tai chi train you to shift your weight while maintaining your balance. Tai chi is an ancient Chinese exercise that can help older adults improve their balance and lower their fall risk.” (

Learn Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance in our beginner’s class which starts January 9th, and meets on Mondays & Thursdays 3:30-4:30, call the library to register due to limited space. The class meets for 8 weeks.