Value Line database now available

Are you curious about investing or the stock market? The Library now has access to Value Line, a database with daily stock market updates, analyst evaluations of over 90 industries, research tools, and information that will help understand fluctuations in the stock market.

According to its website, Value Line is the “uncontested authority in reliable, unbiased information. Value Line puts you in the driver’s seat with accurate and insightful investment research on companies, industries, markets and economies. From the latest data, sophisticated tools and proven ranks to expert analysis and guidance, Value Line gives you the power to evaluate investments with confidence.” Make smarter, more profitable decisions with Value Line.”

Value Line’s extensive data includes 6,000 stocks, 18,000 mutual funds, 200,000 options, and other securities. Whether you are looking to understand the basics of investing, or an experienced investor who wants more in-depth financial research, there is a variety of ways to access investment opportunities.

To access Value Line, go to the Chickasha Public Library webpage, click on E-Resources, Value Line, and then enter your library card number. Value line is freely accessible on any internet-capable device.