Summer Reading is May 23-July 25!

It’s almost time for Summer Reading, which is a free program where children and teens participate by reading books, tracking their minutes, earning prizes, and attending programs and events. 

Reading minutes can be tracked on Beanstack from May 23 through July 25, and there are a variety of programs for different age groups during June and July.

Camp Chickasha Library Teens (ages 12-17)
Happy Campers (ages 6-11)
Campfire Tales (ages 4-5; and families)
Lil’ Campers (ages 0-3)

For more information about Summer Reading or any other youth services, read the Summer Reading edition of the LIbrary’s newsletter, call the Library at 405-222-6075, or email Youth Services Librarian Drew Cooper at

Summer Reading Events


  • May 28 Camp Chickasha Library Teens @ 2 pm: Anime Club *New members welcome
  • May 29 Storytimes: Lil’ Campers @ 10 am & Campfire Tales @ 2 pm
  • May 30 Happy Campers: Camper mini canvas paint class @ 10 am and 2 pm


  • June 4 Camp Chickasha Library Teens @ 2 pm: Survival 101: Survival tricks and hacks
  • June 5 Storytimes: Lil’ Campers @ 10 am and Campfire Tales @ 2 pm June 6 Happy Campers @ 10 & 2: Stories, smores and more with the Chickasha Police Department @ 10 am and the Chickasha Fire Department @ 2 pmJune 11 Camp Chickasha Library Teens @ 2 pm: Book Club *New members welcome
  • June 12 Storytimes: Lil’ Campers @ 10 am and Campfire Tales @ 2pm
  • June 13 Happy Campers: Dad’s Day Out, drop-in from 10 am -4 pm
  • June 18 Camp Chickasha Library Teens @ 2 pm: Percy Jackson Camp Half Blood
  • June 19 Library CLOSED – No Storytime program today June 20 Happy Campers @ 2 pm: I Survived Book Club *New members welcome
  • June 25 Camp Chickasha Library Teens @ 2 pm: Anime Club *New members welcome June 26 Storytimes: Lil’ Campers @ 10 am and Campfire Tales @ 2 pm
  • June 27 Happy Campers OKC Science Museum event @ the Library: 2 pm only! Registration required for this event. Please call or stop by to register. Ages 6-11


  • July 2 Camp Chickasha Library Teens @ 2 pm: Book Club *New members welcome July 3 Storytimes: Lil’ Campers @ 10 am and Campfire Tales @ 2 pm July 4 Library CLOSED – No Happy Campers event today
  • July 9 Camp Chickasha Library Teens @ 2 pm: Survival 101: First Aid Basics
  • July 10 Storytimes: Lil’ Campers @ 10 am and Campfire Tales @ 2 pm
  • July 11 Happy Campers Let’s Get Geeky STEM event: Things that Glow @ 10 am & 2 pm
  • July 16 Camp Chickasha Library Teens @ 2pm: Anime Club *New members welcome
  • July 17 Storytimes: Lil’ Campers @ 10am and Campfire Tales @ 2pm
  • July 18 Happy Campers @ 2 pm: I Survived Book Club *New members welcome
  • July 23 Camp Chickasha Library Teens @ 2 pm: Teen Finale in Tuttle: Tiger Safari – Registration Required. LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE
  • July 24 Storytimes: Lil’ Campers @ 10 am and Campfire Tales @ 2 pm
  • July 25 Campers ages 0-11 Finale: Snider Family Exotics at the Library @ 2pm only!
  • JULY 31 ALL AGES SUMMER READING AWARDS PROGRAM following Storytime at 10 am.

Summer Reading Program at the Chickasha Public Library

Join Chickasha Public Library’s annual Summer Reading Program from May 22 to July 31. Summer Reading is a program to encourage children to read over the summer, bridge the gap between school years, and develop a love of reading. Children and teens can participate by logging reading minutes, earning prizes, and enjoying summer friendship, love, and togetherness programs and activities, complementing this year’s theme, “All Together Now.” All programs will be at the Chickasha Public Library, located at 527 Iowa, Chickasha. For more information, call the Library at 405-222-6075.

Wee Ones (ages 5 and under) will complete 480 reading minutes and have weekly programs on Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m. for ages 0-3 and 2:00 p.m. for ages 4-5. Kiddos’ Korner (ages 6-11, although all ages are welcome) will complete 960 reading minutes and have programs on Thursdays at 2 p.m. Teen Time (ages 12-17) will complete 1080 reading minutes and have programs on Tuesdays at 2 p.m. Adults will also be able to participate in online Summer Reading challenges through Beanstack.

All participants can pre-register for the program at Everyone who joins the Summer Reading Program is encouraged to participate digitally through Beanstack, either on the web or via the app. Participants can track the books they have read, log reading minutes, earn badges and prizes, and discover great books. Parents or caregivers can sign up and quickly log both their own and their children’s reading under one primary account. Participants also have the option to track their minutes using a reading log provided by the library. Reading logs can be picked up any time after May 22 at the Chickasha Public Library, located at 527 W. Iowa Ave., Chickasha.

Younger children aged 0-5 will be encouraged to participate in the Wee Ones Wednesday Storytime programs at 10 a.m. or 2 p.m. This program engages young learners in fun pre-literacy activities, stories, and group play. Children aged 6-11 can participate in the Kiddos’ Korner program on Thursdays at 2 p.m. All ages are welcome to the Thursday programs, but it is recommended for ages 6-11. Kiddos’ Korner will include enhanced learning activities and hands on programming that will focus on reading. Teens aged 12-17 can participate in programs during Teen Time Tuesdays, which will be at 2 p.m. Teen Time will focus on reading as a way to encourage teens to interact with people outside of their peer group while providing informational programs that support lifelong learning needs, provide knowledge about, or inspire interest in a variety of subjects.

All youth who complete the Summer Reading challenge by reading the age-appropriate minutes will have a book of their choosing painted on the outside of the library, plus an entry into a final drawing for additional prizes. Further prizes will be awarded throughout the summer at different levels for designated minutes reached, such as a Level 1 prize for Wee Ones earned for 60 minutes completed reading. Prizes will also be awarded for community service, kindness, and program participation. Our youth community service project this summer is the Chickasha Animal Shelter. We will be taking up donations to help our local furry friends from June 1-July 31. All youth who donate supplies at the library will receive a community service badge and an additional entry into the final grand prize drawings.

“All Together Now” is a perfect slogan to bring us all together! No matter our age, socio-economic status, political affiliation, or location, we can all find a book to fit our interests and maybe make some friends in the process. Centered around kindness, friendship, unity, and community togetherness, this year’s theme comes with endless opportunities to share the library. In-person indoor and outdoor activities will be offered all summer long and monthly take-and-make crafts will be available for all ages. Program content changes weekly and take and makes will be available while supplies last.  

Research from the American Library Association indicates that summer reading helps children and teens retain and enhance their reading skills over the summer, provides a haven for community readers, and develops reading enthusiasm. Additionally, adult participation encourages caregivers to play a strong role in their child’s literacy development by reading aloud with their child and modeling good reading behavior. Kids read more and enjoy reading more when they can choose what they read. Benefits to readers include encouragement for reading to become a lifelong habit, reluctant readers can be drawn in by the activities, reading over the summer helps children keep their skills up, and the program can generate interest in the library and books. For more information about the benefits of Summer Reading, visit the American Library Association’s information about Summer Reading benefits:

As poet and author Maya Angelou noted, “Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him.” Chickasha Public Library joins libraries across the nation to encourage adults, youth, and families to read over the summer.

The Summer Reading Program is free and sponsored by the Chickasha Public Library, the Friends of the Chickasha Public Library, the City of Chickasha, and the Oklahoma Department of Libraries.  For more information about Summer Reading, call the Chickasha Public Library at 405-222-6075 or check our website under the Youth Services tab at CPL Summer Reading Program. To sign up for Summer Reading, visit the Chickasha Public Library or sign up online on Beanstack. You can also connect with the Chickasha Public Library on Facebook and Instagram.

Look Up! Explore Our Universe: The James Webb Space Telescope Challenge

NASA @ My Library Beanstack challenge

Explore our universe with the James Webb Space Telescope Challenge. Learn all about the science behind NASA’s newest space telescope mission, the James Webb Space Telescope. Scheduled to launch this winter, JWST is the most advanced infrared space telescope ever launched and will allow us to look deeper into time and space than ever before!

You can register for the NASA @ My Library Beanstack challenge using the Beanstack app or by following this link. Select the challenge you want to participate in, and you will be prompted to sign in or create an account.

Every reader in your family can have an account and participate in the different challenges. If you need help signing up for a challenge, call 405-222-6075.

NASA @ My Library is supported by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration under grant No. NNX16AE30A. The work was also assisted and supported by the Space Science Institute, which was the recipient of the grant. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of NASA or the Space Science Institute.