Reference Solutions business database now available

The Chickasha Public Library now provides access to Reference Solutions, self-described as “the leading source for business and residential data in the United States.” Reference Solutions can be utilized for job searching, researching businesses in the US and Canada, and collecting data about residential areas. 

To access Reference Solutions from the Library’s website, go to the E-Resources page and click on “Reference Solutions” near the top of the page. After you enter your library card number and accept the terms and conditions, you will be able to browse and search for information about over 70 million businesses. 

Working with JobNow

Are you looking for employment, wanting to change careers, or need to write a resume? The Chickasha Public Library has a database that can help with a variety of job searching needs! Brainfuse JobNow is dedicated to all things job related. The Resume section includes several templates, resources, and an option to submit your resume and receive expert feedback. The Job Interview section includes tips, online resources, and a live interview coach. The Career section has several general options, including applying for unemployment assistance, job searching resources, career and skill assessments, and a live job coach that can help you navigate the process. These options can help to make the job searching experience less intimidating by providing help and feedback with specific areas.

Also, just as a reminder if you are looking for continuing education credits or to gain new job skills, the library also offers Universal Class, with over 500 free courses on various academic subjects, technology, and more. Certificates are provided at the end of each course that can demonstrate competency in that area to an employer or organization.

JobNow is brought to you by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries and can be found by visiting the E-Resources page on the Chickasha Public Library website.

Learning with HelpNow

The Chickasha Public Library now has access to HelpNow, a Brainfuse database with a variety of helpful learning tools for the new school year. HelpNow is divided into three broad sections, Expert Help, Study, and Collaborate. Expert Help includes live tutoring, a writing lab, language learning help, and you can receive answers to specific questions. For those who want general education enrichment, the Skill Surfer tab on Expert Help has lessons in reading, math, social studies, and science by grade level from kindergarten through high school. Skill Surfer also has a section with college entrance exams, lessons about the college application process, and academic skills to prepare for college. For parents and guardians who would like resources on ways in which they can be actively involved with their children’s learning, there is a Parent Corner and El rincón de los padres with articles and information.

The Study section has summer learning, flashcards, and a place to explore college majors and career interests. The Collaborate section allows people to schedule virtual study sessions with others and share ideas. This can be a useful way to complete group projects or simply to learn from and with others.

Whether you are a student getting ready to start the school year, parent or guardian of a child, or an adult learner who wants to increase their knowledge of specific areas, there is something for everyone to explore. HelpNow is brought to you by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries and can be found by visiting the E-Resources page on the Chickasha Public Library website.

Brainfuse databases are now available!

Brainfuse HelpNow, JobNow, and VetNow are all now available for free on the Chickasha Public Library website! These databases offer online tutoring, career assistance, job and academic assistance for veterans transitioning to civilian life, and more. There are resources to help with many different facets of both academic and career goals.

In addition, they have information about creating resumes, developing and improving writing skills, and practice tests. HelpNow, JobNow, and VetNow are brought to you by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries and can be found by visiting the E-Resources page.

Chickasha Public Library Patrons Can Now Access the ChiltonLibrary

Keep Your Car Ready for the Road

Whether you’ve got a little or a lot of DIY mechanic in you, here’s a go-to source we thought you should know about. The name “Chilton” has been around almost as long as there have been cars on the road—and now their auto repair manuals are available online through ChiltonLibrary.


With ChiltonLibrary, you’ll find accurate, digestible information that’s continuously updated to cover most cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs on the road today, including:

Step-by-step repair procedures for everything from suspension, brakes, clutch, and gearbox jobs to more ambitious electrical and engine projects.

Troubleshooting guides for additional support.

Maintenance schedules to help prevent costly repairs.


Visit for free access to ChiltonLibrary at your library, at home, or on the go.

Happy car caring!

This project is funded through the Oklahoma Department of Libraries with a Federal grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services through the Library Services and Technology Act.