Brainfuse databases are now available!

Brainfuse HelpNow, JobNow, and VetNow are all now available for free on the Chickasha Public Library website! These databases offer online tutoring, career assistance, job and academic assistance for veterans transitioning to civilian life, and more. There are resources to help with many different facets of both academic and career goals.

In addition, they have information about creating resumes, developing and improving writing skills, and practice tests. HelpNow, JobNow, and VetNow are brought to you by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries and can be found by visiting the E-Resources page.

Let’s Talk About It – The Known World by Edward P. Jones (August 4, 2022)

The first Let’s Talk About It program will be held on Thursday, August 4, 2022, from 6:30-8:30 in the Library’s meeting room. Several copies of the book are available for checkout. Below is some information about the book and the speaker for August.

About the Book

From National Book Award-nominated author Edward P. Jones comes a debut novel of stunning emotional depth and unequaled literary power. Henry Townsend, a farmer, boot maker, and former slave, through the surprising twists and unforeseen turns of life in antebellum Virginia, becomes proprietor of his own plantation―as well his own slaves. When he dies, his widow Caldonia succumbs to profound grief, and things begin to fall apart at their plantation: slaves take to escaping under the cover of night, and families who had once found love under the weight of slavery begin to betray one another. Beyond the Townsend household, the known world also unravels: low-paid white patrollers stand watch as slave “speculators” sell free black people into slavery, and rumors of slave rebellions set white families against slaves who have served them for years.

An ambitious, courageous, luminously written masterwork, The Known World seamlessly weaves the lives of the freed and the enslaved―and allows all of us a deeper understanding of the enduring multidimensional world created by the institution of slavery. The Known World not only marks the return of an extraordinarily gifted writer, it heralds the publication of a remarkable contribution to the canon of American classic literature. (Summary from

About the Speaker

Dr. Kalenda Eaton is a humanities scholar whose research interests include studies of the American west; intersections of Black literary and gender studies; Black social and cultural history; and Black Diaspora studies. Recent publications can be found in Gender and the American West, American Studies Journal, Teaching Western American Literature, and Africa Today. She is a Fulbright scholar, experienced administrator, and advocate for the public humanities. (More information from the University of Oklahoma)

Building Resilience Through Playfulness

Join Virginia Savage, LCSW, Art Therapist, on Saturday, July 23, from 10 AM – 12 PM and continue our conversation about mental health as we engage playfully with art materials. Then, using found objects and our imaginations, we will create a three-dimensional figure that will serve to invite us to be more light hearted and have fun this summer.

We will talk about the importance of self-awareness for improving our feeling state. You may not know it, but what you say to yourself, what’s called our inner dialogue, can make a big difference in how we feel and act in the world. We will look at some common cognitive distortions (thinking errors) that can create unnecessary inner turmoil and then will use a method called re-framing to reword our negative inner dialogue to a more balanced way of thinking. This process promotes peace of mind. 

We will be using some art materials to create visual reminder to be more self-aware of how our thoughts impact our feelings.

This program is free; however, space is limited, so registration is required.

Call (405) 222-6075 or email to register for a program. 

This program is funded in part through the Oklahoma Department of Libraries with a federal grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Library Programs and Services for Young Children

The Chickasha Public Library now offers various early literacy services for children and their caregivers. In addition, we have Storytime Kits available for checkout and grab-and-go craft bags available for those that visit the library.

The library meeting room is transformed into a pop-up come-and-go early literacy, and sensory exploration space on Tuesdays from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. Multiple stations will be set up for children and caregivers to explore, play, and learn together.

Storytime at the Park are Wednesdays at 9:30 am at Centennial Park, located at 801-899 7th St., Chickasha. Youth Service Librarian Courtney Mayall will present a program full of songs, stories, and activities for children five and younger and their caregivers. Weather permitting, this program will occur every Wednesday morning through the fall.

Popular Ebooks and Digital Audiobooks and Digital Magazines Available Free 24/7 on the Oklahoma Virtual Library

All you need is a Chickasha Public Library card and you can use the award-winning Libby app to enjoy digital books on any device.

As people increasingly read and listen to books on their smartphone or tablet, they’re discovering one of the best resources is their local public library. Grady residents can access a wide selection of popular digital ebooks and audiobooks and digital magazines free from Chickasha Public Library. With a library card, members of the community can borrow from the digital collection by downloading Libby, the award-winning reading app from OverDrive, or visiting

Many of you may be using the Overdrive app on your devices, and we want to encourage you to make the switch to the Libby app! Libby is simple to navigate, and making the switch is quick and straightforward. If you need help, library staff can help over the phone or in person at the library. 

Named one of Popular Mechanics’ 20 Best Apps of the Decade, Libby seamlessly connects first-time users and experienced readers with Chickasha Public Library’s digital collection. This locally selected collection offers ebooks and audiobooks and digital magazines including bestsellers and new releases. Readers of all ages can select from virtually every subject ranging from mystery, romance, children’s, business and more.

Readers may start reading or listening for free with a valid Chickasha Public Library card. This service is compatible with all major computers and devices, iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ phones and tablets and Chromebook™. Through Libby, readers can also “send to Kindle®” [U.S. only]. All titles will automatically expire at the end of the lending period and there are no late fees. Readers can also download titles onto Libby for offline use.To get started enjoying ebooks, audiobooks and more, download Libby or visit